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Testimonials on Coaching & Therapy

Life is very fleeting.
It has moments you should seize

Julia is an amazing coach whom I was able to connect with easily and deeply. She exuded an aura of warmth and empathy which made it really comfortable to work with her. Through the session with her, she was able to identify and specify my mental blocks and limiting thoughts that were holding me back. With a series of inner work, she was able to connect the dots from my environment and past with who I am today. From my thought process to the language I used, she went deep and specific in her analysis. Following that, she introduced some powerful switches in perspectives and thought process that allowed me to understand myself better so that I can live a more fulfilling and empowered life. Julia is certainly someone who is a joy to work with.

- Thomas Chen, Speaker & Wealth Coach

Dr Julia’s calm, kind, loving and caring disposition has helped me open up and made me feel safe to share. I am ever grateful that I could see and understand myself more clearly through her guidance. The processes and techniques Dr Julia used were really easy yet powerful! They have helped me see the root of my issues and to embrace them with understanding, which have then helped heal my emotions.

- Evelyn Tan

In very few sessions, you can gain from Dr Julia the foundation you lack or major breakthroughs to set you up for a lifetime! Issues she is able to address are large-ranged and in the heart of modern life -- such as loss in direction in life, overcome past trauma and limiting beliefs, fix self-esteem and self confidence, increase EQ, among so many others! If you ever felt something is missing or you can’t understand about your life, I highly recommend Dr Julia!!!

- Elisabeth Lee

Having a session with Julia was like talking to someone who knows you better than you know yourself. She allowed me to see an empowered, non-victimised and truly unique version of me. There were many aha moments and more than anything else there was a deep sense of contentment in the understanding of who I am, in that I didn’t need to be like anyone else! Thanks Julia for your insight, love and brilliance. I am truly blessed to have had a chance to have such an eye-opening session with you!

- Megha Mehta

Dr. Lim’s session has given me the much-needed insights to connect the dots in my life in perspective. I love the depth, breadth and comprehensiveness of her analyses even at our first consultation. I’m sure she has, and will, also touch many more people with her signature passion and compassion.

– Carl Tang

Julia is an authentic, intuitive and analytical psychologist. She is also able to create a safe environment for genuine and meaningful communication to take place. In addition to her people’s skills, her intuitive as well as analytical skills are very accurate as she is able to give me very an accurate perception of my challenges and opportunities in my life. Lastly, I look forward to working with Julia again in the near future.

– Boon K Tan

My sessions with Julia are my first one to one therapy I have had. Having had very positive experience in the past from a women’s group that helped me transition into motherhood, I was very positive about starting a series with Julia. I had felt the need to carve out time to speak to someone in this period of my motherhood. Handling children in the age of 5 and 7, I increasing find my current relationship with my children can be largely influenced and shaped by my relationship with my parents. Some of my child’s behavior are triggering memories and uncovering past incidents in an undesirable frequency. So it began a journey of self discovery with Julia. It felt empowering, in my 40s, to visit my thoughts and self as a child. Seeing and understanding my actions and the network of relationships and players that formed my current self, I was able to embrace myself and have a balance approach to my current relationship with my children and parents. As nothing in life exist in isolation, Julia and I are also able to work though some workplace, career and life goals through this very crucial and fundamental need of self alignment!

- Christine, Lecturer

On Life Insights Readings

"Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious."
- Carl Jung

I highly recommend Julia for birth chart reading. Very detailed and specific, none of the generic characteristics nonsense from so many astrologers out there. I gained a deeper understanding of myself through Julia‘s reading, and insights into my life path.

- Carrie Tan, Founder, Daughters of Tomorrow – Building Livelihoods for Women in Need

Julia brings incredible depth, skills and insights in her analysis of my chart. During my reading, she not only had a unique ability to analyse information from a variety of angles, but also access her intuition to help shed lights on my challenges, strength and life purpose. Her readings helped me to move forward with the intuitions I already had in my personal transformation. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to see how astrology can really do in the hands of a profoundly gifted reader.

- Kelly Wang

Julia did a reading for me last week, which I found extremely insightful and uplifting. She combines her intelligent reading of your chart and her compassionate understanding of people plus her training as a psychologist to boot. Amazing! ❤

- Helen Lee, Life Coach

Thank you Julia for the insightful and easy to understanding natal chart reading. I like the interactive mood which allow me to relate to the planet, zodiac and houses easily. Thank you for the advise and guidance.

– Bebe Choo

As a reader, Julia is sensitive, intuitive and honest. She does not sugar-coat her messages but spares no effort to present what she thinks will best help you on your journey. I learned much from her insights, especially on the effects of karma from past lives.

– Anne Chiang