A Place in The Heart

by Michael Kewley

There is a place of peace in the heart that looks out and sees the foolishness of the world but does not judge, criticize or condemn but compassionately accepts the unawakened behavior of others. This place is called Love.

(Art: Catrin Welz Stein)

It is that which cannot be taught, only shown by example.
It is not a lesson to give, it is a relationship with life.

It is not a beating with a stick, but a caress with an open hand.

It is the strongest force in the universe, but needs time to be understood.

The one who encourages you to be afraid is not your friend.

The one who shows the unity and interconnectedness of all things will not want something from you.

When you are afraid you are already the victim.

When you are loving, you are exactly where you want be.

This sharing of love without conditions is the way of the heart.