Just as plants reach toward the sun, we human beings forever strive toward "the light," intent upon blossoming our unique individuality. Since this compulsion to evolve is so natural to us, why, then, is this journey so fraught with so much darkness and unclarity? Having been blessed with this beautiful gift of incarnation, why are we such irresponsible stewards here? Perhaps the answer to this paradoxical struggle lies within the very human psyche which creates it.

The human psyche is our perceiver of reality. Without psyche we couldn't be conscious of anything at all; we'd be cut off from even knowing we're alive. Therefore, everything we think or feel must first come through the psyche, who serves as the battleground where all our conflicts between reality and unreality play out, as any psychotherapist knows.

The most interesting thing about your psyche is that it's both human and divine. (The word 'psyche' means 'soul' in Greek.) Your psyche serves not only as your human experiencer, but is also the mirrored reflection of your soul. Your psyche is your incarnated soul, the spiritual Soul's mortal twin. It's sacred purpose is to bring soul-consciousness here.

Psyche bridges spirit and matter whose task is to take on the human predicament, experience it fully, purify its shadowy parts with the light of the soul, and guide us back to the Divine. We catch sight of psyche's divinity when her mirror is unclouded and she perfectly reflects the soul, surprising us with flashes of intuition or a numinous inner vision that transforms us.

The Soul is only interested in goodness, truth, and beauty and this is how it reaches us. But unfortunately, the human psyche is polluted. Her mirror is rarely clear, clouded with aeons of unprocessed "smog" humanity has never cleared. From generation to generation we'vd marched through time, poisoned by countless unconscious attitudes, cultural biases, inappropriate feelings, and irresponsible behaviors that block our light.

From individual ill health and unmet needs all the way through to our societies' ignorant agreements to which we unconsciously adhere, our psyches are a mess. The pollution we've created here is the out-picturing of all this internal mire. To end pollution in our world, we must first heal our psyches who think up the world! And this must begin with you and me. We're being called now to cleanse the smog from our mirrors, so our minds can perfectly reflect the soul.

In our 25 years of workshop intensives throughout North America, we've found a process that clears the psyche, which must become a relentless daily practice for it to really take hold. Those who've willingly worked this process have found amazing results.

So in this brief article, let me share this way of "coming clean" that you can begin implementing now. First, you must plant in your brain the "seed thought" that you are both human and divine and let this thought grow to maturity.

Then realize you are part of the "rescue mission" sent here to redeem this earth--members-- of a "clean-up crew" responsible for unfolding the divine Plan for earth. This remembrance gives your life a sense of sacred purpose, and defines your true life's work.

Next, willingly face and integrate your own shadow -- those aspects of you that create pollution here. And I must add: with no shame or blame! Both shame and blame are simply "holding patterns" that hold the shadow in place by blocking our ability to hear and know the truth of any uncomfortable situation.

You must become your own non-judgmental self-creative observer as you go through each daily event, watching faithfully to see where and how you get "hooked" in emotional reactivity. Then--right there--take responsibility to transform it. Since your shadow lives in your emotions, any intensity you have about anyone or anything will tell you where you're still stuck in some obsession or imbalance.

There can be no emotional upset unless there's an idea behind it causing you to think something threatening or unjust has occurred. To what thoughts or beliefs are these over-reactions attached?

For this deep process of psychic clearing, we keep a "little book" with us constantly, jotting down anything that upsets us, and dating each entry. No one ever sees this book but you. Once you become conscious of anything upsetting you, note it, then draw in the opposite positive quality that will offset it. For example, if your feelings get hurt from being criticized, you invoke the quality 'detachment' or 'composure,' and let it teach you what it is. Then, you can hear whatever may be thrown at you with poise, attuned interest, and compassion. If the criticism is valid, calmly hear it and own it with quiet acceptance. If it's the other's projection on you, don't "hook on," but offer a statement of truth with no intensity or defensiveness, inwardly forgive the person, and let it go.

When soul-dominated, we never expect ourselves or another to be perfect; we understand that we're all spiritual beings learning how to be human and feel compassion for the ambiguities of life we all must face.

We all make terrible mistakes, and as we learn to live in forgiveness, we don't have to carry all this polluted emotional garbage around in our consciousness. We stay open-hearted and clear. Then, every evening before retiring, review your day and through prayer and meditation finish off anything still unresolved.

Then, call for a "big dream" to give you messages that put you squarely back on your path. Record each dream and date it. In this way, your inner and outer life will become one. If you wholeheartedly invest in this daily practice, you'll enter the conscious circle of humanity, knowing you're here to purify the DNA and thereby cleanse our world.

In our wholeness, the soul shines through with effervescent joy, illuminating our every action, feeling and thought. We become responsible citizens in this sacred human experience we call 'life on planet Earth.'