When Things do Not Go As Expected...

You have been courageous, stepping out of comfort zones, answering to the call of your inner being. Yet, you wonder why you keep facing “negative” experiences. Are you not creating well?

When things don’t seem to be going well — consider the following:

1. Count your blessings — Start feeling grateful what what is working in your life. It may be difficult to do when there is impact from the stress that seems to be flooding your life, but often things are not as serious as how the mind makes them out to be. The mind may have inflated the visions of what is not working or considered negative to the extent that the nervous system becomes overwhelmed. To de-escalate, thinking of what is working, no matter how minute helps to restore a sense of ‘reality’. Get back to the heart of where you are.

2. Remember that you are a powerful creator in the heart of creation. And whatever is happening is unfolding towards what you want. We have a tendency to label things happening as good or bad — this is a function of the security loving mind. Yet, in nature, we understand that for anything new to be born, there is rapture and rebuilding and growth. If you have come to create new things and to expand your consciousness experience, wouldn’t you want to enjoy the process without resistance? Cultivate the stillness of letting things happen in anticipation of all things working out for you. Another name for this stillness is mediation.

3. Don’t effort, don’t fight — in the frustration of the moment. Your main task is to come into clarity and alignment with the divinity of who you are first— not to effort like a headless chicken being carried away by the energy of fixing something. There is nothing to be fixed. The “person” who is anxious and rushing to make things “better” without clarity will only be in the cycle of reproduction… unconsciously, you will keep recreating experiences that that give you the same impetus to ask for change in the first place. Trust that the picture is forming for clear action to take place. And what is clear? When you are guided by a peace within that will carry you forward. When you feel aligned within.

​ ​Wishing you Peace. ©Julia Lim